RF Products

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Image Category / Product Name Model Name Maker Price Option
Waveguide Harmonic Mixers 50 to 75GHz, USB 5V
M1970V Keysight 18,000,000
Cable, SMA(M)-SMA(F), 1M
ST26 (10ea) SENSORVIEW 3,000,000
PCB Layout / Design Tool
PADS Standard PLUS SIEMENS 18,000,000
Basic Instrument
LXI Data Acquisition / Switch Unit
34972A Keysight 2,400,000
Network Analyzer
Microwave Vector Network Analyzer 20 GHz
8720D HP 15,000,000
Power Supply/Analyzer
Data Acquisition
Keithely 2410 Keithely 8,000,000
Network Analyzer
ENA Vector Network Analyzer,20 GHz
E5080B Keysight 150,000,000
CalibrationKit, Econimic DC to 26.5 GHz, 3.5mm
85052D HP 7,000,000
RF Communcation Test
RF communication test set
CMW500 R&S 19,000,000
Precision Impedance Analyzer 40 Hz - 110 MHz
4294A Agilent 19,500,000