RF Products

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Image Category / Product Name Model Name Maker Price Option
N5242-00047 외 7종
N5242-00047 외 7종 Keysight 7,700,000
Spectrum Analyzer
MXA Signal Analyzer,26.5GHz
!N9020B Keysight 200,000,000
Signal Generator
PSG Signal Generator,20GHz
!E8257D Keysight 150,000,000
Programmable Attenuator, 18 GHz, 110dB, 10 dB steps
8496B Agilent 0
test-11 비스타컴 100,000
Power Supply/Analyzer
DC Power Supply
EPCSA-500P Nipron 0
Network Analyzer
ENA Series network analyzer, 2-port test set, 100 kHz to 18 GHz
E5063A Keysight 46,400,000
Network Analyzer
PNA-X network analyzer,67 GHz
N5247B Keysight 390,000,000
Test Accessory
Shield Box
CMU-Z10 R&S 0
Network Analyzer
PNA-X Microwave Network Analyzer,26.5 GHz
N5242B Keysight 190,000,000