RF Products

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Image Category / Product Name Model Name Maker Price Option
Upgrades for EXA Signal Analyzer, Multi-touch
N9010BU Keysight 60,000,000
Noise Source 10MHz to 18GHz
346A Agilent 2,500,000
GPS Frequency Standards
910R Fluke 14,000,000
Power Supply/Analyzer
Dual Input DC Electronic Load 150V, 60A, 300W (total 600W), USB/LAN
EL34243A Keysight 4,550,000
SMA ATT- (50EA) 알에프사이언스 0
SMA(F)CAL KIT(LOAD)/6GHz 알에프사이언스 0
Power Supply/Analyzer
400W Autoranging Dual Output Power Supply, 60V, 10A
E36234A Agilent 4,000,000
Power Supply/Analyzer
Power Supply
수리-GEN60-40 TDK-LAMBDA 300,000
Spectrum Analyzer
Spectrum Analyzer
수리-FSQ40 R&S 1,250,000
Power Supply/Analyzer
DC Power Supply, 0-10V , 0-60A
RE10-60-02 Matsusada 1,000,000